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  • Unofficial Transcript – An unofficial transcript does not bear the University seal, is red ink stamped and is free of charge. Note: Active students can view and/or print their unofficial transcripts at their convenience through Power CAMPUS Self-Service.
  • Immunization Records (For graduates only. Active students may contact CE for immunization records.)
  • Letter of Good Standing/Verification of Enrollment Letter (Do not use this form for clerkship rotations. If you are a third or fourth year student and you need a letter of good standing, please contact your CE coordinator.)
  • Letters of Recommendation (LoR) (Applicable to graduates applying for internships and residency programs.)
  • MSPE / Dean’s Letter
  • NBOME COMLEX Scores - Part I
  • NBOME COMLEX Scores - Part 2
  • Photocopy of Diploma (Available only if copy is on file in Registrar’s Office.)
  • USMLE Scores - Part 1 (Student must have provided copy to Registrar’s Office.)
  • USMLE Scores - Part 2 (Student must have provided copy to Registrar’s Office.)

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